Features of Ceradir V 14

Easy installation

Easy to install and beautiful appearance

Lined up are not only siding panels but accessories such as clips and joiners to provide easy and beautiful installation.
All installation accessories are packaged for an easy & quick order and immediate installation.

T-shaped joiner

Use T-shaped joiner for vertical joints. The T-shaped joiner makes full dry method available.
Installation period can be shortened compared to caulking,

Seamless large wall

Hidden unique clips and T-shaped joiners provide not only easy installation, but also seamless large walls.
The thickness of T-shaped joiner is only 1.2mm.
T-shaped joiners provide a beautiful fi nish compared to caulking.

The seams between the panels are not visible. The beauty is exhibited especially when the panels are installed on a large wall.

Rain screen system

DCreates air cavity to keep moisture out.

The KMEW Rain Screen Siding System helps avoid mold and health problems and dry-rot in walls.
A “Air Cavity”, that is, an air passage created in wall cavities prevents dew condensation in the cavities by quickly releasing humid indoor air that permeates through inner walls and gaps between members to the outside .