The highly-distinctive siding materials for use in mid- to high-rise buildings:

Ceradir V

3000 mm × 455 mm
14 mm
Hydrophilic Coating
Base material

Ceradir V, which was developed for the Russian market, and then currently exporting all over the world, is a siding material (fibre cement panel) with an excellent design intended for mid- to high-rise buildings. We now export it all across the globe.

  • Dirt is washed off by rain
  • Fire-safe
  • Resistant to frost damage

Ceradir V Siding Materials Projects

Apply using steel structure, no sealing required.

Ceradir V Coating

Dirt is washed off by rain

Then when rain falls, the water seeps beneath the dirt and then rises back up, breaking it off and washing it away.

Ceradir V Base Material

The Ceradir V's panels was developed for the cold region; The Baltics, The CIS, the Russian market. Therefore, they have excellent resistance to freezing conditions, making it highly recommended for use in cold climates. We now export it all across the globe.

Resistant to frost damage

Inside the base material is an "independent gap" that lets out ice that has frozen and expanded. This prevents the panel from being damages due to ice expansion.



"Ceradir" – A diagram of the material structure