The siding material that breaks down dirt with the help of the sun:

Photocatalytic Ceramic Coating

On both rainy days and sunny day, the photocatalysts perform self-cleaning on any dirt that has clung to the panel, and the ceramic coating protects against colour fading

3030 mm × 455 mm
18 mm, 16 mm
Photocatalytic Ceramic Coating
Base material
  • Dirt is washed off by rain
  • Resistant to fading
  • Resistant to frost damage

Photocatalytic Ceramic Coating Projects

Photocatalytic Ceramic Coating

1. Dirt is broken down by the sun and washed off by rain

Thanks to light from the sun, dirt adhering to the external walls' surface is broken down.

2. Prevents fading

The ceramic coating thoroughly protects against UV rays.
Because it uses inorganic paint that is resistant to deterioration, it remains effective over a long period of time.

The ceramic coating thoroughly protects against UV rays.

Photocatalytic Ceramic Coating Base Material

We use Neorock, which is light, has a hollow structure, and is resistant to freezing.

3. Resistant to frost damage

Inside the base material there is an 'independent gap' that lets out ice that has frozen and expanded. This prevents the panel from being damaged due to ice expansion.



"Neorock" series: A diagram of the material structure