Hydrophilic Coating

We offer siding panels (fiber cement panels) with hydrophilic coating: the Hydrophilic Coating that can be washed clean of dirt by running rainwater over it.

3030 mm × 455 mm
16 mm, 15 mm, 14 mm
Hydrophilic Coating
Base Material
Neorock, Excellage
  • Dirt is washed off by rain
  • Resistant to fading

Hydrophilic Series Siding Materials Projects

Hydrophilic Series Coating

Dirt is washed off by rain

Then when rain falls, the water seeps beneath the dirt and then rises back up, breaking it off and washing it away.

Resistant to fading

The Power Coat absorbs UV rays, protecting the coating surface.
This prevents fading and sun discolouring, allowing the colour to remain much longer.

The ceramic coating thoroughly protects against UV rays.