Our Mission

All of our research and development efforts are focused on continual improvement of our specialized exterior building products for healthy living. We will continue to develop products of the highest quality that are environmentally friendly and come in a broad range of designs to accommodate all of our clients.

Leading Credibility and Strong Market Presence

KMEW Co., Ltd. ("KMEW"), the manufacturer of CERA FAÇADE, has been the leader in the manufacture of specialized exterior building products for over 30 years in Japan. These products, including Exterior Rain Screen Siding System as well as roofing products and accessories, have earned KMEW a reputation for superior quality, durability and healthy, environmentally friendly living. As a result of our strong commitment to our clients, KMEW has a large market share in Japan and is introducing our products to the U.S. Market. KMEW is committed to providing quality products backed by excellent service and has years of experience in specialized exterior building products.

Development of New Technology

Extensive research in minimizing discoloration and fading had led to a development of our Nano-protect technology. The technology allows for an application of photocatalystic ceramic coating onto exterior siding materials, which triggers strong generation of oxidation power when the siding panels are exposed to sunlight. The oxidation initializes the decomposition of organisms that are attached to the surface of the siding panels. With a help of rain shower, detached and decomposed organisms are washed away. This self-cleaning function of the exterior siding panels minimizes time spent on cleaning and re-coating to maintain the beautiful appearance of the building.

Green Product

CERA FAÇADE exterior siding panels consist of 43.5% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

In order to meet the increasing market demand for environmentally sound products, KMEW has established a recycling initiative in Japan.
In this initiative, excess material at installation sites is collected and transported back to one of the nearby KMEW facilities. There, gathered material is processed and recycled into new exterior siding and roofing material.

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