Tools for cutting siding panel

Diamond 10 tipped circular saw blade

Reduces the panel chipping when cutting!

  • Even siding panel with deep textures can be cut cleanly
  • Long-lasting beauty equivalent to 6.5 houses (3000 times of rotation).
    Even after cutting, panel chipping is minimal.
    The all-diamond tipped teeth of circular saw blade keeps the cutting condition pretty for a long time..

Occurrence of panel chippings

*An in-house test result. (Siding panel: Neorock / Photocatalythic coating 16 Fiott)

Occurrence of panel chippings varies due to usage conditions and method.
There are individual differences in the way the effect is felt. Please be aware of the abovementioned before use.

Product specification

Product name Diamond 10 (φ100mm) Diamond 10 (φ125mm)
Item Blade diameter 100mm
Bore diameter 20mm
Blade thickness 1.5mm Blade teeth 10 pcs
Blade diameter125mm
Bore diameter 20mm
Blade thickness 1.5mm Blade teeth 10 pcs
Item No B491 B492
Material Diamond tip
The number of rotations
that can be used
15,000 or less rotation per minute
Use for For fiber cement siding panel only

"Precautions for use"

Before use, be sure to read the instruction manual and package of the product and the power tool to be installed, and use it correctly and safely.

  • Use appropriate protective equipment such as protective goggles and a dust mask, and wear clothes that fit your body properly."
  • Please use a circular saw that has a safety and dust collection functions.
  • Please refrain from using it for anything other than fiber cement siding.
  • Diamond tipped blades are vulnerable to impact please handle with care.
  • Make sure that the tip saw to be used is not damaged or missing, or the main body is not cracked, distorted, or abnormally worn before the use.