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The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to give you information on our use of cookies, to help you decide whether to use this website.

By using this site, you are deemed to have given consent to using this website according to this Cookie Policy. You may, at any time, change the browser settings or otherwise to withdraw/amend your consent that cookies will be stored on, and that we or a third party may access, your browsing device.

What is a Cookie?

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small file composing characters and numbers to be stored on your browsing device (computers, tablets, smartphones, and the like) when you visit our website, provided that you have given consent to our use of cookies. See All About Cookies for general information on cookies.

Purpose of Using Cookies

By using cookies, we will be able to identify you from other users of our website, and as a result, you will be able to enjoy the most satisfying experience possible when browsing our website, and this will also help improve our website. Cookies will be used in the following manner to improve your browsing experience.

  • Settings will be stored, and as a result, you will no longer have to re-enter the settings when you visit a new page.
  • Information you have provided (for example, your zip code) will be stored, and as a result, you will no longer have to re-enter such information.
  • By analyzing the way you use this website, we will be able to improve this website to make it more useful for you, to make it easier for you to find the matters you are looking for, and to make this website more satisfying of your needs.
  • We will check the effect of our promotions and advertisements.

Types of Cookies Used on This Website

The types of cookies used by this website are ‘first-party cookies’ and ‘third-party cookies.’ First-party cookies are those set by us. Third-party cookies are those set by third parties other than us, and we may not have complete understanding of their content. Accordingly, for details of third-party cookies, you should check the website etc. of the relevant third party.

Cookies We Use and How the Cookies Are Used

Functional Cookies

We will use the following cookies to provide you with better functions and contents on this website. Even without using these cookies, you will be able to use this website, but your convenience may be impaired

Source Cookie Name Purpose First Party or Third Party Expiration Date
Contact Form PHPSESSID This Cookie is used for session management of the Contact Form First Party At the end of browser session

Cookies by Google Analytics

We will use Google Analytics to collect information on how you use this site. By using Google Analytics, we will be able to confirm whether this site satisfies your needs, and to see how to improve this site.

Google Analytics will store information on the pages you have visited, how long you have spent to browse this website, how you arrived at this site, and the links you clicked on. We will not collect or store your name or address, and due to that, will not be able to identify you by using the above information. We have not authorized Google to use or share the analysis data.

Google Analytics will set the following cookies.

Source Cookie Name Purpose First Party or Third Party Expiration Date
Google Analytics __utma This cookie will record the number of visits by a visitor to a site, when the visitor visited this website first time, and when the visitor visited this website last. Google Analytics will use information from this cookie to calculate the number of days and number of visits required for the visitor to purchase. Third party 2 years
Google Analytics __utmb This cookie is used for determining new sessions and visits. __utmb cookie is generated if there is no such cookie when JavaScript library is executed. Third party 30 minutes
Google Analytics __utmc This cookie generates a time-stamp upon a visitor’s visit to a site. Third party When browser is closed
Google Analytics __utmz This cookie records a referrer, which search engine you used, which link you clicked on, what kind of keywords you used, and which country you were located in when you accessed this website. Third party 2 years

How Cookies are Managed

If you do not wish your browsing device to store cookies, you should change the settings of the internet browser so that storing of cookies, in their entirety or in part, is rejected, and an alert is displayed when the terminal stores a cookie. Most browsers allow users to change such settings to prevent the browsing device from storing cookies. For example, a browser can be set as follows.

(i) All the cookies are automatically permitted or rejected.

(ii) Storing of first-party cookies and/or third-party cookies are automatically permitted or rejected.

(iii) An alert is issued before a browsing device stores any cookie, so that the user has an opportunity to permit or reject such cookie.

If you once gave consent to storing of cookies but later on, have come to wish to withdraw/amend such consent, you have to delete already-stored cookies from the browser settings screen, and change the browser settings so that further storing of cookies, in their entirety or in part, will be blocked.

You can check each of the above settings usually on the ‘option’ or ‘configuration’ menu of your browser. For your better understanding of the above settings, the following links may be useful. If the information of the following pages is not sufficient, you should use the ‘help’ option of your browser for further detailed information.

Disabling Anonymous Google Analytics Cookies:

By installing Google Analytics ‘plugins’ onto your browser, it is possible to prevent this website from sending, to Google Analytics, information that indicates your visits. You can find detailed information regarding the above on the following link:

Other Useful Links

For more detailed information regarding cookies and the wide use of cookies, the following links may be useful:


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