The CERA FAÇADE Rain Screen Exterior Siding System helps avoid mold and health problems and dry-rot in walls.

Protects from the outside – and from the inside
Helps protect from the outside
Should any rainwater find its way past the exterior siding panel, the ventilation layer discharges the moisture outside.
Helps protect from the inside
The ventilation layer helps guide humid air from inside to the outside, preventing condensation from forming on the sheathing.

The CERA FAÇADE Rain Screen Exterior Siding System creates a ventilation layer to keep moisture out.

Helps protect from the outside

Buildings using the CERA FAÇADE Rain Screen Exterior Siding System are more energy efficient, and sustainable, have fewer maintenance problems and provide a healthier living environment for their occupants.

Did you know that water gets behind all exterior siding?

Non-Ventilated Installation

Through siding joints, nail heads, and openings, rainwater and moisture can penetrate into the exterior wall structure. Trapped moisture dampens the insulation, which has a high water retention level. As a result, the insulation material fails to function properly, and moistens the elements in the interior wall structure. Without any visible signs, mold begins widening its presence behind the wall-eventually leading to rotting of the building structure.

Example of non-ventilated Installation
HUD Report, 4/1/2005 -
Concerns in recent years have turned to the relationship between mold and allergies, asthma, and concerns about exposure to mold-produced toxins, and the resulting implications for occupant health.
At the same time, it is accepted that preventing mold requires keeping exterior moisture out of the building and controlling moisture from internal sources.
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